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Latvian mill acquires line from Bergs
21 September, 2017 Byko-Lat has acquired a planing line from Bergs Timber’s Myresjö Sawmill which stopped production in the summer.
  • Harrow joiners destroyed in blaze
    A Harrow joinery company’s two-storey warehouse was destroyed in a blaze which also forced the closure of the adjacent West Coast main railway line last night.
  • Södra to invest in new CLT facility
    Södra is investing in a small facility for cross-laminated timber (CLT) production adjacent to its sawmill at Värö. The plans include a future investment in a larger facility.


It’s not rocket science!
24 August, 2017 Wood Technology Society chairman John Park questions why so many in the timber trade cannot get a grip on the EU Construction Products Regulation
  • From boat yard To timber yard
    Richard Bagnall didn’t set out to spend his working life in the timber trade, but a temporary stintrunning Robbins Timber in the mid-80s turned into a much-loved career. Sally Spencer reports
  • Traders tee off
    UK timber traders once again turned out in force to support the industry’s premier golfing event – the TTBS National Golf
  • Building the future
    TTJ will host a timber construction roundtable in central London this autumn to debate how this growing sector can help meet the government’s housing targets. Stephen Powney reports
  • Flegt boosts civil society self-help
    After playing a key role in implementing their country’s FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU, Indonesian civil society groups are sharing experiences with counterparts in other countries engaged in the initiative. Mike Jeffree reports


EUTR remains important post-Brexit
23 August, 2017 The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) wasn’t universally welcomed when introduced in 2013. Some in the trade saw it as unwarranted interference, a replication of the due diligence they already undertook to keep illegal wood out of their supply chains. The only difference, they said, was that it now came wrapped in Brussels red tape.
  • Building relationships
    The Trussed Rafter Association is moving forward with a progressive voice and building key relationships, says TRA chairman Jonathan Fellingham
  • Brexit – the need to engage
    With Brexit negotiations under way it’s more important than ever that the UK timber trade is heard by decision makers and that it engages with its European counterparts, says TTF president Keith Fryer
  • Celebrating opportunity
    The Grown in Britain campaign is celebrating its fourth anniversary and has made progress on its mission to promote British timber, says its CEO Dougal Driver