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Latvijas Finieris uses eco-friendly glue
15 April, 2021 The environmentally friendly green glue – Riga ECOlogical – where bio-based renewable lignin is used as a replacement for the traditional fossil phenol, is the latest move towards a new sustainable plywood industry by Latvijas Finieris. The innovative green glue is gradually replacing the traditional glues used in the production of Riga Wood plywood and has been successfully used in various projects.
  • Dustcontrol certified to ISO 45001
    Dustcontrol AB has been officially certified according to ISO 45001 on Occupational Health and Safety, further highlighting its commitment to provide a reduced ecological impact and safer working environment.
  • Combilift scoops 10th major Archie award
    Combilift, the Irish manufacturer of a wide range of handling solutions, has won its 10th prestigious industry award from the Forklift Truck Association for one of its latest products. The 2020 FLTA Awards for Excellence took place virtually on Saturday April 10, having been postponed from last year due to Covid.
  • GreCon strengthens its sales team
    GreCon Ltd has announced the appointment of Joshua McAree to its sales team. Mr McAree draws on a solid experience of customer-orientated roles and technical competence, holding a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering.


Imports break records
09 March, 2021 The latest TTF statistics show an increase in imports in the month of November
  • Offsite challenge
    Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd, BRE and 3PM have collaborated to propose an exciting new challenge to the timber construction industry
  • Coatings keep it covered
    As the UK acclimatises to lockdown number three, the coatings and finishes sector reflects on 2020, a year that, in terms of trade at least, proved better than expected. Sally Spencer reports


Greenpeace certification report covets headlines not consensus
19 March, 2021 It must be a burden being part of Greenpeace, being so ineffably right all the time, when everyone else is so unmitigatedly wrong.
  • Time to state the carbon case
    As the European timber industry deals with the fallout from pandemic, it must continue to state wood’s case as a key material for decarbonising construction, writes European Woodworking Industries Confederation secretary-general Silvia Melegari
  • Strict protection the way forward?
    The FSC sees sustainable management as key for preserving tropical forests and aims to increase the area under its certification scheme from 18 million to 50 million ha, says director-general Kim Carstensen