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James Jones & Sons pallets support deliveries of Covid-19 vaccine
12 January, 2021 James Jones & Sons is supplying the pallets for distribution of millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines across the UK. The company is sole supplier of EPAL pallets to the manufacturer of one of the three new vaccines, which are currently being rolled out across the country.
  • AB Karl Hedin to expand Krylbo sawmill
    Swedish sawmiller AB Karl Hedin intends to build a new planing mill, extra storage capacity and further timber kiln drying facilities at its sawmill in Krylbo, Avesta.


Continuing trend
12 January, 2021 The latest TTF statistics show the recovery in import volumes continued into Q3
  • Top tips for training
    Daltons Wadkin operator trainer Warren Handley has 36 years’ experience working and training in the woodworking industry and shares his insight into how manufacturers can deliver their expertise safely to customers, clients, and colleagues in the Covid era
  • Science Fact
    The WTS’s annual conference went online this year, providing plenty of technical information and room for discussion. Sally Spencer reports
  • Connected by design
    AHEC’s latest creative project was about sustainability, lockdown and stunning design in American hardwood, writes European director David Venables


Working to boost African tropical forest certification
03 December, 2020 It’s time for new impetus for certification of tropical forests, and PEFC – with a diverse coalition of stakeholders – is making great strides towards this goal, writes PEFC International chairman Peter Latham OBE
  • Strict protection the way forward?
    The FSC sees sustainable management as key for preserving tropical forests and aims to increase the area under its certification scheme from 18 million to 50 million ha, says director-general Kim Carstensen
  • Teaching Timber: Building Better
    There’s growing realisation that construction has a key role to play in tackling the climate crisis and, within that context, of the need to teach building professionals about using timber, writes Tabitha Binding, university and regional engagement manager, TTF