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Richard Burbidge increases its stock for Scottish customers
15 September, 2021 Scottish customers of Richard Burbidge can now buy the brand’s mouldings direct from the company’s Livingston office.
  • Lavers team helps park home manufacturer
    When an industry shortage of plywood threatened to compromise Tingdene Homes’ ability to deliver their customers’ dream homes, the team at Arnold Laver Oldbury were brought onboard to coordinate a solution which ultimately is saving Tingdene £200,00 a year.


Record-breaking timber and joinery sales in Q2
09 September, 2021 The latest figures from the Builders Merchants Building Index (BMBI), published in August, reveal that record-breaking value sales in June 2021 helped builders’ merchants hit their best ever quarter since the Index began in July 2014. Timber and joinery products recorded its highest monthly sales (+57.5%), despite continuing material shortages.
  • Technology makes millworks work
    The Cambridge-based cladding, decking and fencing specialist, Millworks, has successfully navigated pandemic and emerged equipped for growth. Mike Jeffree reports
  • The ABC of UKTR
    A TTF webinar laid out the operation and implications of the UKTR. Mike Jeffree reports


The Definition of Resilience
15 June, 2021 It’s been challenging times for the US hardwood industry, but production is rising and optimism is in the air, reports AHEC executive director Mike Snow
  • Confident your timber is correctly fire-treated?
    Most specifiers rely on their supply chain to deliver products fi t for purpose. Fire-retardant timber is a case in point. You’re given the paperwork to tick the box. But is that enough? And do you know what to ask to ensure correct treatment? asks Mark Eggleston, managing director of WJ Group
  • Physical event planned for 25th anniversary TTJ Awards
    It’s heartening to see signs of normal life resuming once again. Meeting up with others following the easing of pandemic restrictions has been a welcome relief after what has seemed like a long winter and springtime. I don’t know about you but it seemed like I had exhausted my narrow list of Covid-safe things to do.
  • Not letting the FLEGT conversation flag
    The TTF has big ambitions for its campaign to communicate the FLEGT timber legality assurance initiative, with COP26 a key focus, says FLEGT communications executive Lucy Bedry
  • A clear case for treatment clarity
    The industry must get behind the TTF’s efforts to clear the fog around correct specification of treated softwood, says Keith Fryer of Fort Builders’ Merchant