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Steph McGovern to host TTJ Awards
22 February, 2017 Broadcaster Steph McGovern will be the host and guest speaker for the TTJ Awards 2017.


Time for Technology
20 September, 2016 The W series woodworking technology exhibition has built up momentum over recent shows, with 2016’s W16 event set to be a further step up in size, reports Stephen Powney
  • Hitting the heights
    Architects, engineers, construction industry professionals and representatives of the timber supply chain attended the fourth Wood for Good conference series at London’s Canada House at the end of June. Sally Spencer joined them
  • Forest forward
    Forest Garden’s British-grown pedigree should be a post-Brexit benefit, but it’s not relying on that alone for success. Sally Spencer reports
  • Onwards and upwards
    The British-grown timber sector is determined to make the best of the decision to leave the EU. Sally Spencer reports
  • The “science” of buying and selling
    Timber pricing has a ‘wood’ science aspect – economics, psychology and sociology all playing a part in the equation. So is the timber trade capable, by application of those sciences, of change for the better? Andrew True, a recently retired trader himself, says yes


Time to fall in behind FLEGT
20 September, 2016 With the first EUTR-exempt FLEGT-licensed timber now set to arrive in the EU this year, European Timber Trade Federation Secretary General André de Boer says the industry should focus on making the most of its potential
  • What does it take to be a winner
    Engineered timber products are opening new horizons for wood, notably in construction. But, says Peter Wilson, architect, director of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd and TTJ Awards judge, to realize their even greater future potential demands ‘serious investment’ in R&D
  • From uncertainty to a firmer future
    Mark Bowers, product director at Snows Timber, says the trade’s future prospects are good if belief remains high in timber’s credentials and products
  • Getting a clearer picture
    It is now nearly two months from the UK’s Brexit vote. While the market picture and prospects are not wholly clear, we are getting more signs of how the market is reacting. When Travis Perkins, one of the UK’s biggest sellers of wood, publishes its quarterly results, there are always some good pointers.