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September 2019


An open channel for FLEGT feedback
17 September 2019 The IMM’s role is to monitor timber trade impacts of the EU FLEGT VPA initiative, and market responses to it, writes lead consultant Sarah Storck

Much accomplished, more to do
17 September 2019 Thomas Goebel, chief executive of German Timber Trade Federation GD Holz, was recently appointed the new secretary-general of the European Timber Trade Federation. His mission is to develop its role further as a voice to government, a communication platform and a plug into the global marketplace

August 2019


Flying the flag for FLEGT
21 August 2019 Our future trading relationship with Europe may be uncertain, but the TTF has clear plans for its new Europe-wide FLEGT communications project, writes marketing consultant Lucy Kamall

The solution to Britain’s housing crisis
21 August 2019 David Hopkins, director Confederation of Timber Industries highlights the work of the APPG for the Timber Industries

Saving the planet
21 August 2019 When I was 16 I was sleeping in until midday, waiting for my GCSE results and wondering how I could get out of finding a holiday job – I certainly wasn’t contemplating sailing in an emission-free yacht across the Atlantic to attend a climate conference in the US.

July 2019


Bringing china on board the illegal trade battle
29 July 2019 An EU-Chinese forum holds huge promise for the global battle against illegal timber, writes TTJ consultant editor Mike Jeffree

The business perils of uncertainty
29 July 2019 The UK panels sector continues to grow and invest for the future, but like the rest of industry, above all else on Brexit, it wants clarity, writes Wood Panel Industries Federation director-general Alastair Kerr

Industry consolidation set to continue
29 July 2019 A flurry of takeovers has happened in recent weeks.

June 2019


Don’t be an EU stranger
17 June 2019 Maybe we’ll leave the EU, deal or no deal, but it’s absolutely vital that we remain in the European loop, writes Keith Fryer

Forest sector craves certainty
17 June 2019 Expectations of another slide in sterling give UK timber a competitive advantage versus imports, while demand from pallet manufacturers is robust due to end users stockpiling, both due to Brexit uncertainty. But like other industries, the UK forest sector above all wants clarity on our future, in or out of the EU, writes Confor chief executive Stuart Goodall

You'll never work alone
17 June 2019 The excitement approaching a Champions League final involving two English teams was getting to fever pitch at the time of writing this column.

May 2019


US Hardwood Heads for a Diverse Export Future
15 May 2019 The US-China trade war is causing a fundamental change in the American hardwood industry’s trading outlook and one outcome is renewed focus on the European market, writes American Hardwood Export Council executive director Mike Snow

A question of durability
15 May 2019 The BRE is embarking on a European programme to develop a performance life software tool to facilitate specification of timber in construction, writes Ed Suttie.

Voters at the ready!
15 May 2019 Voting for the TTJ Awards is now under way.

April 2019


Driving Up Standards, Attracting Talent
22 April 2019 The year ahead looks challenging, but the BWF is not about to relax its efforts supporting the woodworking sector to further improve performance and recruit and hone the skills of its next generation of employees, says chief executive Helen Hewitt

Getting training on track
22 April 2019 Progress is being made, but improving training and education continues to be an imperative for the future of the timber sector, writes Geoff Rhodes of forest products and international trade consultancy GRA, recipient of TTJ’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

A numbers game
22 April 2019 Watching a magician perform at the North West Timber Trade Association annual dinner in Liverpool recently reminded me of the Brexit conundrum still facing the UK (in late March).

March 2019


Going circular to close the materials loop
19 March 2019 To ensure timber supply can meet growing consumption without depleting the forest resource, the sector needs to develop new approaches on reuse and recovery says Dan Ridley-Ellis, head of the Centre for Wood Science and Technology at Edinburgh Napier University

Making the most of wood in healthy buildings
19 March 2019 Treated and modified timber have a key role to play in helping construction capitalise fully on the wellness benefits of wood, writes Wood Protection Association chief executive Gordon Ewbank

WPC is now PC for timber sector
19 March 2019 New product and market opportunities should be high on every company’s priorities.