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Species for all seasons 20 July, 2016 A surge in Douglas fir is on its way in France, and it needs new markets, with the UK seen as a hot prospect. Mike Jeffree reports > read more

Best for forests, best for business 20 April, 2016 One of Indonesia’s leading timber companies sees both bottom line and environmental benefi ts in the country’s engagement with the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade timber legality assurance initiative. Mike Jeffree reports

What’s a FLEGT VPA worth? 22 December, 2014 A new market analysis initiative will assess the potential European tropical timber market value of licensing under the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade scheme. Mike Jeffree reports.

Sustainability and sales are key 22 December, 2014 Ensuring sustainable wood supplies and defending and developing their market are mutually dependent imperatives for the tropical timber trade, according to speakers at the ATIBT International Forum. Mike Jeffree reports.

Despatches from the Malaysian forest 22 December, 2014 Turnstone Singapore’s Michael Buckley recently visited Malaysia and discovered a country that is keen to make the most of its timber resource but that also values its environment.

Growth in Britain 16 June, 2014 It’s been a busy year for Grown in Britain and it's set to get busier. CEO Dougal Driver explains how the movement has transformed demand and is now acting to drive innovation in the supply chain and change the public perception of woodland management

Research required 16 June, 2014 There are plenty of opportunities for UK timber but progress could be stymied by a lack of research. Keren Fallwell reports.

Ecobuild:Grown in Britain inspires businesses and Defra 22 March, 2014 Government and blue-chip company approval for Grown in Britain was aired at an Ecobuild conference tackling the issue of nature's relationship with business.

Built and Grown in Britain 08 March, 2014 There is major potential for increasing the use of home-grown timber in UK construction, but it needs work and commitment, says Simon Smith of structural engineers Smith+Wallwork

Timber Expo: Coillte and Enterprise Ireland host Irish mills 05 October, 2013 Irish forestry company Coillte, in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, played host to three Irish sawn timber exporters on their stand – Glennon Brothers, Murray Timber and GP Wood.

Timber Expo: Media savvy SCA 05 October, 2013 SCA Timber Supply supplied and built the Media Centre and promoted its message that it takes sustainability seriously, tracking its carbon footprint “from seed to finished, delivered product”.

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