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Upturn in oak optimism 20 July, 2016 A range of factors are adding impetus to French oak production. Mike Jeffree reports > read more

EPF extends reach 21 June, 2016 In the spring of 2015, Clive Pinnington became the fi rst managing director of the European Panel Federation (EPF). Mike Botting, editor of TTJ sister magazine Wood Based Panels International, spoke to Mr Pinnington

Recovery position 20 April, 2016 The panels sector may not be enjoying the significant gains seen in 2014 but the house building recovery is still providing good levels of business. Sally Spencer reports

Breathing boards 20 April, 2016 Breathable racking board Panelvent is 20 years old. Mark Wilson, managing director of Panel Agency, looks at the background behind the product and recent developments

Importers’ perspective 20 April, 2016 UK hardwood plywood and OSB imports charted growth in 2015 while chipboard and MDF shipments reduced, reports Sally Spencer.

Norbord Inverness expansion under way 20 April, 2016 Norbord’s £95m Inverness OSB plant expansion is now underway. Sally Spencer talks to Norbord Europe managing director Karl Morris.

A taste for timber 20 November, 2015 A new kitchen can range from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds but whatever the price range, timber products are the main ingredients. Sally Spencer reports

Panel product futures 20 November, 2015 Alastair Kerr, director general of the Wood Panel Industries Federation, answers key questions surrounding the development of the panel products sector in the UK and Ireland

Supply and demand 20 November, 2015 Manufacturers and distributors are key players in the kitchen sector and eager to capture more business.

Sterling Work 20 June, 2015 TTJ conducted a whistle-stop tour of part of Scotland’s timber industry earlier this year, seeing panel manufacturing, engineered timber production and timber importing, processing and merchanting operations at several companies. We kicked off with a visit to Norbord’s Sterling OSB mill near Inverness, reports Stephen Powney.

Investing in innovation 20 April, 2015 Market conditions have improved for panel producers who are demonstrating their confidence by increasing capacity and stepping up product development. Sally Spencer reports

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