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The Finish Line 20 May, 2015 Stephen Powney presents news and developments from major wood coatings manufacturers

Protection Needs Profile 20 May, 2015 A key focus of the Wood Protection Association annual conference was the need to raise awareness of the treatment sector’s potential to maximise timber’s market potential. Mike Jeffree reports.

Preserving Timber’s Reputation 20 May, 2015 The wood preservatives sector continues to ensure that timber’s longevity and reputation are maintained. Keren Fallwell reports.

Show Preview: Ligna, “Ligna Comes Of Age” 20 April, 2015 This year represents a milestone for the Ligna World Fair for the Forestry and Wood Industries. Stephen Powney reports.

End Use: Boatbuilding 20 April, 2015 Wooden boats carry a sense of romance and tradition – and offer a specialist market for timber suppliers. Keren Fallwell reports.

Moving Materials 20 March, 2015 Like any industry, the timber sector has its challenges and cost pressures. Rob Fisher, who heads up the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX 2016), looks at some of the issues with materials handling.

Talking about a Revolution 20 February, 2015 Around the world efforts are being made to create a fourth industrial revolution that will radically change manufacturing as we know it. Large wood-based panel producers are already plugging in to the process. Stephen Powney talks to Siemens about “Industrie 4.0”, as it is known in Germany

No Big Bang 20 February, 2015 Explosion hazards in wood handling facilities are often underestimated, says Dr- Ing Johannes Lottermann of Rembe GmbH Safety + Control

Off-site pragmatism 20 January, 2015 Moves towards off-site construction are likely to continue but pragmatism will probably see the industry stop short of full off-site manufacture, says Luke Whale of consultants C4Ci

Pamir cracks the Eurocode 20 January, 2015 MiTek’s TTJ Award winning Pamir software was developed not just to provide state of the art roof truss design capability, but help users make the transition to Eurocode working. Sales and marketing director Roy Troman reports.

Ideas for innovation 20 January, 2015 Representatives of the global wood panel industry converged on Hannover to hear market reports and technical papers on research and innovation. Stephen Powney was there to bring this report.

The sawn supremacy 20 January, 2015 German panel sawing technology specialist Holzma has been developing new technologies to boost sawing efficiencies. Stephen Powney stopped off at its headquarters.

Sound proof 26 November, 2014 The success of last month’s W14 reflected the stable recovery in the timber industry. Keren Fallwell reports

Koppers plated preservation 19 November, 2014 Koppers Performance Chemicals is expecting to make great gains, thanks to its game changing MicroPro and the latest addition to its Celcure range, Celcure C4. Sally Spencer reports

The life scientific 19 November, 2014 BASF Wolman has revamped its brand and improved efficiency at its Baden-Baden site. Keren Fallwell reports

More Shelf Room 19 November, 2014 Timber is an important sector for German racking manufacturer Ohra.

All rise 19 November, 2014 The rise in UK housebuilding is benefiting German machinery manufacturer Hundegger. Keren Fallwell reports.

Sound the fire alarm 19 November, 2014 Is your fire retardant protected timber fit for purpose? Andy Hodge, marketing director at Lonza Wood Protection, asks the question.

W14 raises the game 26 September, 2014 W14 is an opportunity to see the latest wood processing machinery in action. Exhibition director Angela McGowan outlines some of the show highlights.

Hands-on handling 18 August, 2014 Sideloader manufacturer Bulmor’s roots are in the timber industry and it remains its most important market. Keren Fallwell reports.

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