Accsys reports increased revenue

18 September 2018

Accsys, the company behind Accoya modified wood, has reported revenue up by 10% to €26.7m for the five months ended August 31.

Accoya production volumes increased to 16,918 cubic metres in the same period (2017:16,124 cubic metres), reflecting the continued constraint on the current existing capacity in Arnhem.

In the period the company successfully commissioned the third Accoya reactor in Arnhem and has been carrying out planned gradual production volume increases since July.

Demand continues to exceed current production levels and the company expects production and sales volumes to increase substantially over the remainder of the financial year.

“We continue to make good progress in respect of the construction of the Tricoya plant in Hull, with significant construction work having been undertaken on site,” said Accsys CEO Paul Clegg.

“The key equipment is starting to be delivered to the site and we expect completion of construction in mid-2019 calendar year.”