Acimall elects board of directors

13 August 2019

The general assembly of Acimall, the association of Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers, has elected the new board of directors: president Lorenzo Primultini (Primultini) and vice-presidents Raphaël Prati (Biesse) and Luigi De Vito (SCM) – whose terms will be renewed next year – are now supported by Marianna Daschini (Greda) and Umberto Pizzi (PGS), whose term as board members was extended by the assembly, and the newly elected members Filippo Pellitteri (TWT) and Franco Tanzini (Vitap).

The fifth elected member was Giovanni Sedino, currently serving as treasurer, who will join the board next year, when a new president and one vice-president will be nominated.

This two-stage approach for the election of the board was adopted in recent years to ensure continuity in the management of the association, introducing a 12-month interval between the election of members and the election of president and vice-presidents.

The board will be comprised of seven members in total