BCF conference to cover political and economic landscape

30 January 2019

The annual conference of the British Coatings Federation will take place at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel on May 9. A reception and gala dinner will follow the conference programme.

Speakers will include MEP Julie Girling, on Brexit and the European landscape; Graeme Chaplin from the Bank of England on UK economic forecasts; Chris Jones from Novalia on innovations in print; Brian Holliday from Siemens on factory automation and Industry 4.0.

Presentations will continue in the afternoon with a look at chemical safety and “fighting back against the zealots” by David Zaruk, an expert on EU regulations who writes a blog under the name “the Risk-Monger”; and how to manage crises in supply chains, by Stuart Carlyon at DHL.

BCF chief executive officer Tom Bowtell will wrap up the conference with a review and the outlook for the coming year.