BoKlok/Abri partnership to bring 750 homes to south-east

21 January 2021

BoKlok UK and Abri have announced a new partnership, which will see them working collaboratively to provide over 750 modular homes over the next five years.

Through this partnership, the two companies will share their knowledge and placemaking expertise to accelerate the speed of which homes are built, ensuring more people have access to quality and affordable homes across the south of England including Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Abri has an ambitious programme to deliver at least 10,000 new quality homes over the next 10 years, through a variety of models. Working with BoKlok, who can increase pace and predictability of delivery, will be a key contributor to this aim, whilst supporting BoKlok’s vision to provide low cost quality homes that are energy efficient and encourage open spaces and thriving communities.

The new homes will span a range of tenures to offer choice and meet a diverse range of need as well as featuring sustainable build processes to meet energy efficiency standards and help reduce running costs. The partnership between the two organisations will help to increase the supply of modular homes as they work together on land and planning matters.

“Modern methods of construction (MMC) are really starting to be seen as a significant contributor to the UK housing landscape and we are delighted that by partnering with Abri we are fulfilling our ambition to help more people have a quality, energy efficient home at a more affordable price,” said Graeme Culliton, BoKlok UK managing director and country manager.

“We share the same values and mission which is to build modern homes and create communities that are safe, thriving and will bring more sustainability to the housing market.”

“Our strategic aim is to provide at least 25 per cent of our new build homes using MMC and collaboration will be key to achieving this,” said Gary Orr, Abri group chief executive. “Our shared values with BoKlok mean that we can really make a difference to meet the demand for affordable homes while creating communities that offer the highest standards of sustainability.”

BoKlok is a home ownership concept from Sweden, owned by Skanska and IKEA. So far it has developed about 12,000 homes in Sweden, Finland and Norway. BoKlok was established in the UK in 2019.