Brexit and EU wood product quotas

17 February 2020

The Brazilian Association for Mechanically Processed Timber (ABIMCI) started a dialogue with the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) to define the quota system for timber products exported by Brazil to the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The volumes and percentages in the existing quotas will be reassessed due to Brexit and may undergo changes in each segment.

According to ITTO’s latest market update the Brazilian government requested ABIMCI’s participation in the quota negotiations as the association’s input will be useful for the Brazilian government to explain the country's position. The Association will try to ensure that any changes closely reflect the existing trade practices, pricing and legal concerns.

ABIMCI anticipates that one of the Brazilian wood products that may have its quota renegotiated is pine plywood as the UK is one of the main markets for this product. Any quota changes are not expected to take effect until 2021.