Coillte and Treemetrics announce €1m forestry data deal

18 April 2017

Irish state forester Coillte and Treemetrics have announced a major €1m million agreement to roll out a pioneering real-time satellite communications and data-analytics platform for forestry harvest control.

Irish prime minister Enda Kenny was joined by Coillte chief executive Fergal Leamy and Treemetrics CEO and co-founder Enda Keane to mark the agreement.

The Treemetrics technology platform, billed as a world first for the forestry industry, is designed to optimise operational efficiency, reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability.

Treemetrics developed the technology working in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) over the past four years.

Treemetrics technology promises to transform the global wood supply chain by connecting all the various stakeholders in real time through Global Positioning Satellites and mobile communications and utilising the latest in data analytics to give first hand insights.

The satellite communications platform communicates directly with harvest cutting machines ensuring that they always have 24/7 connectivity, thus delivering positioning and mapping services to the driver-operators as well as sharing data about the tree-logs in real time with the forest managers and sawmill wood buyers.

Marking the announcement, Irish prime minister Enda Kenny wished Treemetrics every success in rolling out the project with Coillte for the benefit of Ireland’s forestry industry.

“Our increasing use of technology will be crucial over the next few years as we aim to create the connected forest,” said Fergal Leamy, chief executive of Coillte.