Cre8 joinery planning for a big year ahead with factory expansion and appointment of a new director

16 January 2020

Capitalising on a successful 2019 Cre8 Joinery and its partner company Washroom Washroom completed a 20% factory expansion of their head office which included a mezzanine area and dedicated new office space.

The ground floor of the new building will now house the entire joinery team along with an additional 5x Axis CNC machine and still allow further expansion as the company grows.

The company further announced that Lynn Duffy has been appointed as director, having worked for Cre8 for nine years as project coordinator. The appointment was in recognition of “Her fantastic skillset, drive, commitment and dedication.”

A company spokesperson commented “It’s important to note Lynn’s achievement in the context of the industry: only 14% of the construction workforce is female, making her success all the more significant. We believe she will continue to be an excellent role model, both within the company and the industry as a whole.”