Dutch timber sector applauds Vandecasteele

19 December 2018

Vandecasteele Houtimport has been voted the Best Belgian Timber Company of the year by the readers of the Dutch magazine De Houtwereld.

The Dutch timber sector chose Vandecasteele Houtimport as its preferred Belgian timber company with whom to trade, with almost half the votes (45%) going to the Aalbeke-based timber importer.

Previously, Vandecasteele had already won The Houtwereld Top supplier for “the Greenest Wood Company” in 2011.

The Dutch market has shown great appreciation for the supply package, stocks, innovative power, added value, communication, customer friendliness and many other performance areas of Vandecasteele.

Voters comments included:
“They are super investors. They have just added another gigantic warehouse”; “You can count on them”; “A huge range of wood”; and “A stock to be jealous of”.

From left: Isabelle Polfliet, Ann Denys, Katrien Byttebier, GeneviËve Standaert, Stefaan Vandecasteele, Johan Maebe, Matthias Laarman, Steven Wullaert, Carl Bauwens, and Margaux Vandecasteele