FSC revises standard

4 April 2019

The standard FSC-STD-50-002 V1-0 Requirements for promotional use of the FSC trademarks by non-certificate holders has recently be revised following full stakeholder consultation.

This standard outlines how uncertified organisations can use the FSC trademarks to promote finished and labelled FSC-certified products or related services via a trademark licence agreement with FSC.

The revised and renamed FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders will become effective on June 1 this year and the guide can be used only from that date. The transition period for this guide is 12 months.

This revision aimed to present ways of promoting FSC-certified products in an easier to approach and more visual manner. The main content changes implemented in the revised guide are as follows:

  • Simplified verification of products for promotion;
  • Information on the eligibility for promotional licence;
  • Guidance on how to describe FSC and products with FSC claims and on how to make basic procurement claims;
  • Ecosystems services promotional claims;
  • Integration of the Advice Note on the Requirements for the use of the ‘Forests For All Forever’ marks (ADVICE 50-005);
  • Introduction of an internal control system as an alternative to submitting all intended uses of FSC trademarks to the trademark service provider for approval.