Government to consult on extending ban on combustible materials to buildings under 18m

24 January 2020

New measures to improve building safety standards announced by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick include a consultation process to evaluate banning combustible materials ‘in and on’ exterior walls lower than the previous 18m threshold.

Viewing the consultation document it becomes clear that lowering the height of the existing ban to ‘at least 11m’ is the aim. The 11m limit would see any building of more than 4 storeys being affected in the choice of combustible materials in both the structure and cladding but the review does not propose to make any allowances for the use of structural timber products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Industry experts are currently in discussions to formulate a response to this consultation and we will update the story as it unfolds. For a more in depth analysis see the February issue of TTJ.

You can take part in the consultation process online via the website. The deadline is 13th April 2020

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick