New research reports on Scots pine

4 April 2019

A new research report highlighting the qualities of timber from Scots pine and promoting its greater use has been published by Forest Research (FR) and the Forestry Commission.

Authored by FR’s Dr Paul McLean, the report is aimed at forest scientists, engineers, wood processors and end users of wood products. It covers distribution of Scots pine, wood properties and uses of Scots pine, and suitability for different end products.

The report intends to promote greater use of the only UK-native conifer species that is grown for timber.

Scots pine is the second most abundant conifer grown in the UK, with around 600,000m3 of the species harvested annually.

“It’s unique properties and qualities make it a highly versatile and adaptable timber that can be used in a wide range of applications,” said Andy Leitch, timber development policy adviser with Forestry Commission Scotland.