New RPP toolkit set for release

25 November 2016

New tools for the Timber Trade Federation’s redeveloped Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) will be released in early December.

The RPP is officially relaunched on January 1 and represents one of the flagship projects of the strategic overhaul of the TTF throughout 2016.

“As one of the first projects of the TTF’s strategic review in 2016, I am very pleased that we have been able to deliver the new RPP to schedule,” said David Hopkins, managing director of the TTF.

“An overhaul of the process has been long overdue. This new and improved version will go above and beyond meeting our members’ due diligence requirements.”

Consultation and input has been sought from NGOs, other industry groups and Regulatory Delivery, the UK’s EUTR Competent Authority.

It aims to provide a simpler and more robust toolkit for meeting EUTR compliance, a more streamlined auditing and reporting process and a reduction of the administrative burden for Traders – all issues that were strongly highlighted in the member’s survey.

The TTF will be providing training workshops, events and resources in EUTR and RPP for purchasing and compliance managers and their staff for the rest of this year and throughout 2017. The next training workshop will be on December 13.

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