North American softwood exports slow in Q3

14 November 2014

North American softwood lumber exports to offshore destinations fell in the third quarter as Chinese demand waned and domestic demand strengthened.

Industry newsletter Random Lengths said Canadian overseas exports fell to 1.25 billion board ft, down 13.6% on Q3 in 2013, and 17% down on Q2 this year.

US exports offshore fell by 20% in Q3 compared with a year ago. Weaker demand in China was the main reason.

Canada’s exports to China were down 11% on Q2 and Q3 in 2013. US shipments to China plunged by 40% on Q3 last year and 19% on Q2 this year.

North American volumes to Japan have also slowed. In September Canada’s volumes were down 20% on the year while US exports fell by 25%.

However, the North American market has strengthened. In Q3 Canadian exports to the US rose 14% on the year, and in September volumes were up 11% from 2013.