Obituary - Dan Jakens

8 November 2020

The London Hardwood Club reports with deep sadness that it has been advised of the passing of Dan Jakens.

After serving in the army for five years, including spells in Malaysia and India, Mr Jakens worked for Denny, Mott and Dickson (latterly Mallinson Denny, Hunter Timber) initially based at Adelaide House, London Bridge, for the rest of his working life and retired in 1995.  

Mr Jakens was a trained accountant but also served as a hardwood buyer for a number of years and, without doubt the timber trade was his life. He married his wife Betty in 1955 and they were happily married for 64 years until he died on January 8 this year at the age of 93.  

Mr Jakens served as joint honorary secretary on the London Hardwood Club (LHC) committee for many years and without his hard work and dedication to the cause over many challenging years the LHC would not be the thriving institution it is today.

He was a very amiable gentleman and enjoyed life to the full. His main hobby was boating on the Norfolk Broads, which he and Betty did whenever they could. In retirement they travelled extensively including several visits to Australia. They lived in Barking for over 43 years and in retirement Mr Jakens served on his local council housing committee for a number of years.  

Mrs Jakens says that he had three priorities throughout his life – timber, the London Hardwood Club and finally her.

He will be sadly missed by all his colleagues at the London Hardwood Club and the wider industry.