OHRA provides flexible storage solution

23 August 2019

Schönreiter Building Materials, which is based in Essenbach, in Germany, has extended its product range to include timber and construction materials and its expansion resulted in the need for more storage space.

The company has created the extra storage capacity with the help of OHRA cantilever and pallet racks in indoor and outdoor areas. The combination of rack types has made flexible storage of the different building materials possible.

The racks were precisely tailored to the requirements of the product range. For example, the 7.51m high cantilever racks feature five storage levels, which allow three pallets with insulation material to be stacked on top of each other.

Heavy goods can be stored without any problems in Europallets in the pallet racks thanks to the 4,500kgs capacity per pair of beams.

The new racking at Schönreiter