PEFC Stakeholder Day highlights forest impacts

15 May 2017

A snapshot of the importance of forest certification and how it affects forests in North America, Asia and Europe will be given at PEFC’s Annual Stakeholder Day on July 4.

The London event, to be held at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, is themed Delivering Impacts in the Forest with speakers from the UK and overseas.

The presentations will enable those who are trading in certified forest products to learn more about what lies behind the PEFC label and the difference forest certification is making on the ground.

Speakers from around the world will illustrate the vital importance of forests to biodiversity, rural development and carbon sequestration.

Subjects will include the key role that forests play in capturing carbon across North American woodlands from Dr Mark Johnston, of the Saskatchewan Research Council, while Ana Rengifo Abbad will showcase Iberia’s cork oak forests and their role in rural development.

Dr Melvin Gumal from the Wildlife Conservation Society, Malaysia, will cover the vital importance of keeping tropical forests healthy to ensure future habitats for endangered species are protected, with Confor’s Andrew Heald explaining how biodiversity works from a UK forestry perspective.

The event will be sponsored by James Latham, the Soil Association and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Confor’s Andrew Heald