Queen’s Speech potential for joinery sector growth

1 June 2015

Government plans to boost the housing industry outlined in the Queen’s Speech offer growth potential for the UK joinery industry, according to the British Woodworking Federation (BWF).

“This speech has some real positives for housing,” said BWF chief executive Iain McIlwee.

“The government’s plans are hugely significant to our members who stand ready to support growth in the UK’s housing supply, which will in turn deliver jobs and growth in manufacturing across Britain.

“On supply side, the proposals to extend Right-to-Build and incentivise local authorities to support self and custom build could be hugely significant– this element of the house building market is under-represented in the UK and critical to meeting new housing demands.”

“There is also logic to ensuring that high-value vacant council houses are sold, but in order to address the current housing crisis the proceeds must be ring-fenced to ensure supply through direct investment in new housing.”

Mr McIlwee said support for first-time buyers - 200,000 starter homes to be made available to under-40s at a 20% discount – was also good news but emphasised that these needed to be new houses, not simply reallocating those already in the pipeline.

“One potential constraining factor for the joinery sector is skills,” he added.

“As a heavily apprentice-led industry we need 4,000 new entrants each year –and we would like more certainty around the funding and processes to help our companies invest with certainty.”

The government's plans offer joinery sector growth potential