Ryan joins WPA

8 March 2021

Neil Ryan has joined the Wood Protection Association (WPA) team in the new role of regulatory affairs adviser. Mr Ryan is an independent consultant (and managing director) at Woodable and as part of his portfolio, he will be working with the WPA and its members in an advisory capacity.

Mr Ryan will be focusing on regulatory issues as they apply to timber treatment operations. These include but are not limited to IED permitting, implementation of the BREF guidance on best available techniques and the safe design and operation of treatment plants.

Many people in the timber industry will know Mr Ryan, most recently from his role of managing director at PTG Treatments where he worked for 17 years. He managed the multi-site manufacturing and service company specialising in the industrial protection of timber.

Previous to that he spent many years with one of the major preservative suppliers – firstly as a research scientist, then a product manager, moving onto sales management. With over 30 years in the timber treatment sector he will bring a great deal of insight, experience and technical knowledge to the new role.

Dr Chris Coggins will continue to monitor the BPR regime and biocide approvals and Gordon Ewbank will continue to observe and report on fire related regulations.

Mr Ryan can be contacted at neil@thewpa.org.uk

Neil Ryan has joined the WPA