SCA plans to boost Tunadal capacity by 50%

12 March 2019

SCA is applying for a new environmental permit for the Tunadal sawmill to continue expanding the mill’s capacity to a maximum of 900,000m3 annually.

 The mill’s current permitted maximum capacity is 600,000 of solid-wood products per year.

 SCA’s application also includes new driers, more storage space and the possibility to generate energy.

Over the past ten years, SCA has invested more than SKr1bn in increased production capacity, a higher degree of processing and environmental improvements at the Tunadal Sawmill.

“We have gradually increased production capacity at the Tunadal Sawmill and will soon reach the maximum volume allowed by our current environmental permit,” said Jerry Larsson, president of SCA Wood.

“A higher rate of production will create more jobs,” he added.

“But exactly when and by how much is difficult to say with any certainty, because we envisage a gradual increase.”

At the sawmill, new land is being established within the embankment that was constructed a few years ago. The new sawline stands on land that was reclaimed from the sea just 10 years ago, and as the embankment is filled with recycled materials, more space will become available for the previously cramped sawmill.