Scotline to add ninth owned vessel

6 February 2018

Essex-based shipping line and terminal operator Scotline Ltd has signed a contract with Dutch shipbuilder Royal Bodewes Group BV to build its ninth owned vessel.

A 4785 DWAT Bodewes Trader will be built for Scotline, a leading shipping service company for the timber industry, with the option of a second sister vessel.

The vessel to be named MV Scot Carrier will have a length of 89.98m and a beam of 15.20m and a maximum sailing draft of 5.68m.

The hull is expected to be launched in September and be delivered by November. Scot Carrier will be fully container fitted, with Swedish ice class 1B and will be built to comply with all the latest legislation including provisions to be ready for the ballast water treatment system.

“In these challenging times Scotline is always looking for opportunities to enhance our fleet, in order to offer our customers a reliable service,” said Scotline director Peter Millatt.

Last year MV Scot Navigator was delivered to Scotline as the company started its efforts to renew some of its older tonnage.