SR Timber launches Service Charter

1 May 2018

East Midlands-based SR Timber has launched a Service Charter in what trading director Shaun Revil describes as “a coming of age” for the company.

The Service Charter sets out SR Timber’s commitments from the speed and levels of response to customers, to the quality, availability and delivery of stock, and health and safety.

“The Service Charter feels like a coming of age for SR Timber because it encapsulates all the values we’ve held dear from day one and it’s this commitment that has enabled us to growto become the UK’s largest importer of roofing battern,” said Mr Revill.

“In little more than a decade we’ve gone from being the new kids on the block to a leading company in our sector.” Crucially, he added, the charter set out how SR Timber could support customers with expert advice about products, standards and codes of practice.

“This is vital in ensuring that the roofing industry follows best practice and stays on the right side of all current rules and regulations,” said Mr Revill.

SR Timber produce and supplies roofing batten, softwood timber, cedar shingles, Kitemarket scaffold boardsand other timber products.