Stora Enso and TRƒ sign joint development agreement

4 October 2018

Stora Enso and TRƒ Group have signed a joint development agreement.

The aim is to improve the construction efficiency and increase the digitalisation in the industry value chain with services for healthy and affordable living. The target is to make the design and specification of wooden buildings easier, attaining smarter manufacturing and construction. In the future, designers, builders, owners and residents in wooden buildings will have better tools for lifecycle management, based on facts received through sensors and data analytics.

Stora Enso and TRƒ Group will establish a digital platform and toolbox that connects wood construction industry professionals throughout the value chain. The focus is on combining new digital technology innovations with Stora Enso’s wooden building components and experience to create new services. The first of these new services will be launched in 2019.

Stora Enso and TRƒ Group already have several different projects ongoing, starting from digital design tools, virtual reality and augmented reality visualisation of building data as well as different sensor data analytics applications.

“We see great potential in making the end-to-end process – from design, via production all the way to the facility management of a building – more transparent and visible,” said Jari Suominen, head of the wood products division at Stora Enso. “Together with TRƒ Group’s experienced digitalisation professionals, we want to promote wood and its benefits as a renewable construction material.”

“We want to change the way people design, build, buy and maintain houses,” said Micke PaqvalÈn, executive chairman and co-founder of TRƒ Group. “Co-operation with Stora Enso combines the best of both worlds: the agile start-up mentality and the resources of a leading global provider of renewable solutions.”