Swedish exports continue growth

19 August 2014

Swedish exports of sawn and planed softwood during the first five months were up 9% on the same period last year.

The latest figures from Statistics Sweden reveal that sawn redwood exports rose by 16.2% and, while there were changes in individual market volumes for sawn whitewood, the total export volume remained unchanged.

Volumes shipped to the UK increased by 12.5%, comprising a 1.8% increase in sawn redwood, and 28.9% increase in sawn whitewood.

Exports to Germany were down 4.1%, with sawn redwood volumes falling 24.9% and sawn whitewood by 3.3%.
Shipments to the US also fell, by 24.6%.

Japan also bought less Swedish timber - down 24.5% overall, with sawn redwood volumes 19% lower, and sawn spruce 24.7% lower.

Egypt, an important redwood market, 161.2% more sawn redwood and 39.7% more whitewood.

In the first quarter Swedish mills' sawn and planed softwood exports also rose 9% on the year.