Swedish wood style wows design fair visitors

7 October 2019

While glulam was featuring at King’s Cross during the London Design Fair, Swedish designers showcased their designs in a temple-like Swedish pavilion clad in factory-finished white oiled Swedish pine.

The pavilion was the work of architectural practice Förstberg Ling, in collaboration with Svensk Form Syd – Form/ Design Centre and the industry organisation Swedish Wood.

The pavilion, situated near the entrance to the Fair, was crowded with interested visitors. “At last year’s London Design Fair, Sweden’s pink pine pavilion was named ‘Best Stand 2018’ and this year the Swedish design pavilion once again embraces wood,” said Björn Nordin, Director of Interior and Design at Swedish Wood.

Interior and Design at Swedish Wood. The section of the pavilion allocated to Swedish Wood featured pine furniture by three established and five graduate Swedish designers.