TRA in project-led refocus

6 June 2018

The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) continues to grow in influence and membership. But, operating in a competitive, ever-evolving industry, it can’t afford to be complacent, hence the need for a fundamental shift in its operation and structure.

That was the message from chairman Jonathan Fellingham to an audience of 100 at the organisation’s recent AGM.

In the last year, he said, five more companies had joined: Walker and Jacksons Timber in the UK and Munster Timber Structures, Kingspan and McMahons in Ireland. As a result, the TRA today represents 75% of the UK and Irish industry.

The organisation had also published its Spandrel Panel Guide to widespread industry acclaim and interest and stepped up marketing, with the launch of its new website.

“The guide really provides the only solution covering all the issues; from regulatory compliance and robust details, to software and design calculations. Everyone should be using it,” said Mr Fellingham.

“The resulting costs may be more, but it’s essential that customers always receive robust effective panels if we want them to keep coming back to buy more product from members."

While latest progress was cause for satisfaction, however, Mr Fellingham added, the TRA needed to move faster to respond to the ever-greater pace of change in the marketplace and regulatory requirements, while at the same time pushing through its 2020 Strategy.

And the latter covers lobbying, promotion, training and BIM standards, as well as membership growth and provision of more market guidance to drive trussed rafter installation.

“We need to keep advancing, so the management committee has been looking at our structure and governance,” said Mr Fellingham.

“The conclusion was that we needed a clearer approach that engaged the membership more in taking the TRA forward for the greater good of the industry.”