TTBS supports beneficiaries throughout Covid-19 pandemic

16 February 2021

Despite the extreme difficulties experienced by all charities during 2020, the Timber Trades’ Benevolent Socieity (TTBS) has continued to support the timber industry’s retired and sick throughout the year and continues to provide a package of grants and allowances for 2021.

During 2020 the TTBS provided benefits totalling £166,000,  including quarterly allowances, spring and Christmas payments, winter fuel grants, telephone allowances, TV licences, luxury Christmas hampers and various one-off grants.

These are just a few comments from the Beneficiaries we received during December:

“We wish to thank the TTBS once more for the financial support this year, which must have been a very difficult year for the Society.”

“Thank you for all your support through the year, it is very much appreciated.”

“Once again, the TTBS quarterly allowance has arrived in my bank account and I am writing to express my gratitude to you and all your supporters for their continued support through these uncertain times.”

“This morning, the beautiful Hay hamper was delivered. Everything about it is lovely including the box which I can use for my living room storage and the contents are all lovely treats which I wouldn’t buy normally and are so special at Christmas.”

Of course, the whole of 2020 and now into 2021 has been a hugely difficult time for everyone and the Society is very grateful to all industry associations, companies and individuals who have supported us throughout.

We have not been able to stage our normal calendar of TTBS events and until the Covid vaccine is rolled out to all age groups, we will not be able to resume our events fund-raising, but hopefully things will improve from mid-summer onwards.

We are planning to hold our National Golf event at the Marriott Breadsall Priory, Morley near Derby in July, sponsored by Taylor Maxwell, and all of our regional committees have plans to start their individual golf, shooting, lunch and dinner events later this year. Details will be publicised on events page, so please keep a check on updates and contact details.

Finally, we would like to remind all TTJ readers, that we are always looking for new timber industry beneficiaries to assist when they retire or suffer from health problems that prevent them from continuing their employment. Our Society criteria requires them to have had at least 10 years employment in the timber trade and any applications will require a financial assessment before being passed to the trustees for consideration. Please contact the Society on email

Ivan Savage
TTBS general manager