TTF activities highlighted at AGM

18 June 2018

The Timber Trade Federation will continue to drive and grow a profitable industry and to promote its members as suppliers of “timber you can trust”, delegates at the organisation’s June 14 annual general meeting were told.

Chief executive David Hopkins ran through the many activities the federation had undertaken during the last year, highlighting those of the four main “pillars” of the TTF: Forests Forever, the National Hardwood Division (NHD), the National Softwood Division (NSD) and the National Panel Products Division (NPPD).

Looking ahead, Mr Hopkins said the TTF was continuing to lobby on the subject of Brexit and the Customs Union: “one of the biggest things that will affect your business is the potential £1bn VAT bill – a potential 20% increase on costs all the time,” he said.

Within the individual divisions, the NSD’s plans include a focus on cladding, in collaboration with the Timber Decking & Cladding Association, and on the fire issue and it will continue to push the preservatives agenda.

Meanwhile the NHD has a flooring focus in its sights and will continue to promote to architects, designers and other specifiers.

The NPPD will continue implementation of its Chinese plywood project and will develop an agenda for other panel products. It is to hold a technical seminar in September 4 on fire and compliance issues and a panels’ conference on November 7.

Forests Forever will regularly review and improve the RPP and provide updates to changes in regulation. It will also broaden the RPP’s remit to cover other supply chain regulatory issues, such as modern slavery and health and safety. And it is looking at other issues such as the need to drive down the use of plastic wrapping of timber.

Other plans for this year include a new website, which should be launched this month and “Timber Works”, a new information hub for architects, builders and joinery companies.

For more on the AGM, see the next issue of TTJ.

David Hopkins updated members on the TTF’s activities