UK’s oldest timber yard set to close

6 November 2017

A judicial review has upheld a council’s decision to develop what is believed to be Britain’s oldest surviving timber yard dating from early Victorian times.

The unique 175-year-old Newson’s Timber Yard, operated by Travis Perkins on the Pimlico Road, central London, will now be converted into retail space and luxury flats.

Travis Perkins campaigned to save the yard, stating that it was vital source of supply for building materials in central London. It expressed disappointment at the decision and is believed to be considering an appeal.

Westminster City Council had previously give permission to property company Grosvenor to redevelop the site, with tenant Travis Perkins then asking for the judicial review to challenge the legality of the council decision.

Local businesses and residents had also been campaigning against the plans, deeming a redevelopment harmful to the character of the area and causing the loss of a historic timber business.

During the original planning process objector Cecil Quillen said the proposals would create a pale imitation of Bond Street, while another said the application was a “venal drive to get foreign people to casually drop in to new shops and spend a fortune.”