US red oak features in Stirling Prize winner

12 October 2018

The European headquarters of Bloomberg has won the prestigious Riba Stirling prize for architecture.

The building, which is in the City of London was designed by Foster + Partners and was described by the judges as having “a restrained exterior and dynamic interior to encourage collaboration”.

That dynamic interior features extensive use of American red oak (TTJ May 2018).

Architect Michael Jones said timber was chosen because of its environmental and sustainability credentials and also because the client wanted “something bespoke and tailored to the way they operate.” “As well as expressing this through the architecture itself they also wanted it to be very contextual and historically rooted in its place through the palette of materials,” said Mr Jones. “Hence the extensive use of bronze and Derbyshire stone but equally timber, all of which you see quite typically around London.”

The timber is not used in a token, decorative way but is core to the interior aesthetic and to delivering on the designers’ well-being and environmental goals. It’s also used in considerable quantities – 37,160m2 for the floor alone.  

The dramatic, swirling lobby, called the Vortex features 1,858m2 of red oak cladding on its intersecting arcing walls.

The Vortex features American red oak cladding