W. Howard adds ULEZ compliant trucks to its fleet

10 February 2020

The two new Mercedes Benz Actros Rigid Trucks were chosen by W. Howard primarily to meet the new Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) restrictions that came into force in London last year.

The ULEZ sets stricter emissions standards for most of the cars, vans and trucks driving into London. Companies must ensure that their fleet meets the limits set for air polluting nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from engines.

Many older cars and vans still in use today do not meet the required standards so by purchasing the Mercedes Benz Actros Rigid Trucks, W.Howard Group is ensuring its fleet operating within the London area is low emission.

The new vehicles also come equipped with lots of new features and upgraded technologies to assist the driver and make their journeys safer: Mercedes Benz has equipped the Actros with its MirrorCam technology; The Active Brake Assist system performs emergency braking when approaching stationary or slow-moving objects, as well as performing partial or full braking if moving pedestrians are detected; Lane Keeping Assist and Attention Assist features also monitor the surrounding road surface, warning the driver if the vehicle strays out of its lane, or if it detects that the driver’s attention is starting to wane.

“At W.Howard Group we are keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so when we were looking to upgrade our fleet of delivery vehicles, it made absolute sense to choose the very best and most efficient trucks we could.” said Simon Fleet, group commercial director.  “Mercedes Benz is a fantastic brand that, like W.Howard Group, offers first-class customer service and innovative features as standard on its products. The impressive safety features available with the Actros Trucks mean our drivers can carry out their work safe in the knowledge that they  have the very best safety features to hand.