WTS to stage second conference

22 February 2019

Following the success of last year’s conference, the Wood Technology Society is pleased to announce Timber 2019.

The July 3-4 event will bring together wood scientists, wood technologists, and businesses from all areas of the timber industry. The primary aim is to showcase the latest developments in timber research in the UK, and to prompt discussion of new products, processes and concepts and their potential within the UK.

This conference will span all topics related to timber – from the largest structures to the smallest models of the influence of ultrastructure on performance. The organisers seek to balance the fundamental lab and forest-based experiments through to the industrial application and development of new products. Topics will range from preservation to panel products; modified wood to engineered lumber.

The two-day conference provides an ideal opportunity for networking, while allowing delegates to present and discuss their work from a wide range of backgrounds. The new connections, and context given by talking with wood experts from other fields offers many opportunities to strengthen active UK-based research networks, and to stimulate new ideas, which will benefit the industry in years to come.

The WTS is calling for papers, 600 word abstracts of which are needed by March 8 (timber2019@bangor.ac.uk). Selected papers will be requested for May 3.