WTS to stage Timber 2018 conference

6 April 2018

The Wood Technology Society (WTS) is organising Timber 2018, a conference for the UK timber industry, presenting the latest trends and emerging research in timber, wood science and related fields.

The conference, which will take place at the Institute for Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) in Euston Road, London from June 26-27, aims to bring together wood scientists, technologists, and businesses from all areas of the timber industry. The primary aim is to report the latest developments in timber research in the UK, and to discuss their potential within UK markets as new products or processes.

It has been 10 years since the last Institute of Wood Science conference in Bath in 2008. During this time the timber industry has recovered from recession; seen growth in modified woods, wood plastic composites and CLT; adapted to the restriction of CCA and many other preservatives and marvelled at the advent of tall timber buildings. Meanwhile researchers have been developing new testing techniques; advanced models of cell wall structure and mechanics; grading models for British species and new biobased adhesives, among others. It is high time for a conference to bring these many areas of timber research under one roof to share information and ideas.

This new format conference will span all topics related to timber, ranging from the fundamental experiments understanding the nano-scale through to the industrial application and development of new products. Topics will range from preservation to panel products; modified wood to engineered lumber.

The event will provide a forum to present academic and industrial research in timber. A poster session will allow additional opportunities to showcase early-stage research and demonstrate industrial product development.

For more information visit timber2018@bangor.ac.uk