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October 2017


The International Softwood Conference: A View from the Outside
20 October 2017 This year’s International Softwood Conference, held in Hamburg in early October, highlighted growing softwood output, but also rising demand in key markets worldwide, reports Charles Hopping, chairman of Hoppings Softwood Products and ISC speaker

Positivity not passivity for tropical timber
20 October 2017 The STTC Conference underlined an energy and breadth of ideas for promoting sustainable tropical timber and forest management, writes Mark van Benthem of independent sustainable forest products and services institute Probos

Tight supplies and rising prices
20 October 2017 Timber prices and availability continue to be a major talking point in the UK timber trade.

September 2017


Scholars and Skills Builders
20 September 2017 Never before has training, knowledge and skills building been more critical for the future of the timber industry, says Glennon Brothers joint managing director Mike Glennon

Geared up and ready to go
20 September 2017 Structural Timber Association chief executive Andrew Carpenter says the combination of market conditions, political will and housing need mean the potential for timber-based construction in the UK has rarely been better

All eyes on off-site
20 September 2017 On the last day of August a report was released by the London Assembly which, because of its timing during the summer holidays, may have gone relatively unnoticed.

August 2017


EUTR remains important post-Brexit
23 August 2017 The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) wasn’t universally welcomed when introduced in 2013. Some in the trade saw it as unwarranted interference, a replication of the due diligence they already undertook to keep illegal wood out of their supply chains. The only difference, they said, was that it now came wrapped in Brussels red tape.

Building relationships
23 August 2017 The Trussed Rafter Association is moving forward with a progressive voice and building key relationships, says TRA chairman Jonathan Fellingham

Brexit – the need to engage
23 August 2017 With Brexit negotiations under way it’s more important than ever that the UK timber trade is heard by decision makers and that it engages with its European counterparts, says TTF president Keith Fryer

July 2017


Beware roof batten false economies
20 July 2017 SR Timber trading director Shaun Revill warns about false economies in roof batten purchasing within the roofing and building trade

Celebrating opportunity
20 July 2017 The Grown in Britain campaign is celebrating its fourth anniversary and has made progress on its mission to promote British timber, says its CEO Dougal Driver

Ahead of the curve
20 July 2017 The WWF has always been an arch campaigner for legal and sustainable timber.

June 2017


Smart Technology
20 June 2017 Technology is all around us and making changes to the way we live.

The transformative power of technology
20 June 2017 Investing in the latest IT is no longer a business option, it’s a must. But the benefits can be significant, writes Anagram Systems marketing manager Nick Hardy.

Finding answers to Certification Challenges
20 June 2017 To continue to increase the volume of verified sustainable timber on the market, the industry cannot settle for the certification status quo, says James Latham plc chairman Peter Latham

May 2017


US lumber duties to have far reaching effect
22 May 2017 Donald Trump is certainly making his mark on the world during his first six months in office.

Opening young eyes to the potential of timber
22 May 2017 TRADA’s Student Design Competition and University Engagement Programme are not only designed to encourage greater use of timber in the future, but to inspire tomorrow’s architects and engineers to push the boundaries of what’s possible with wood, says TRADA membership and marketing manager Rupert Scott

Living in interesting times
22 May 2017 For businesses in the British-grown timber industry, the key issue today is how to ensure continuity of wood supply beyond the peak of timber production from domestic forests, which is forecast for around 2030, writes UK Forest Products Association executive director David Sulman

April 2017


The robust case for CLT
21 April 2017 Structural Timber Association Technical Committee chair and director of KLH, Nic Clark says the organisation has reinforced its commitment to drive ‘quality, product innovation and construction productivity through technical guidance’ by publishing new technical Advice Notes for cross-laminated timber. Here he shares the thinking behind the documents

Environmental impact assessment made easier
21 April 2017 Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Product Declarations are becoming increasingly important in building materials specification, but there are increasingly user-friendly tools to generate them, writes Dr Shamir Ghumra, director at the BRE Centre for Sustainable Products

Going to machinery heaven
21 April 2017 Our front page in this issue is given over to the Ligna exhibition in Hanover.