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October 2020


Teaching Timber: Building Better
27 October 2020 There’s growing realisation that construction has a key role to play in tackling the climate crisis and, within that context, of the need to teach building professionals about using timber, writes Tabitha Binding, university and regional engagement manager, TTF

Construction resilience in the era of Covid
27 October 2020 The construction industry’s talents will always be needed, says Philip Pointon sustainability director at Pasquill

August 2020


Backing the low carbon campaign
13 August 2020 Timber products have such a great story to tell.

Agility is key in the new norm
05 August 2020 The ability to adapt rapidly to fast changing market conditions proved key for businesses at the height of the health crisis, and it will remain so in the post-pandemic new norm, writes Lathams Ltd managing director Andrew Wright

Choose Science Over Emotion
05 August 2020 A science first, fact-based approach to the Fire Safety Bill is required, says Jeremy English, Södra

June 2020


Indonesia appreciates legality assurance value
05 June 2020 Indonesia’s decision not to drop obligatory export legality assurance is key to combating the illegal timber trade, writes TTF FLEGT communications executive Lucy Bedry

Continued Communication on Carbon Is Key
05 June 2020 The industry must continue to communicate timber’s role in mitigating climate change, another crisis that could turn the world upside down, writes American Hardwood Export Council European director David Venables

April 2020


Planting plans remain a priority
21 April 2020 To meet UK 2050 climate change targets, support biodiversity, rural livelihoods – and deliver a sustainable timber supply, politicians must be held to their pledges on tree planting, says Confor chief executive Stuart Goodall

Communication is even more critical in crisis
21 April 2020 Like the rest of the business community, the timber sector is facing unprecedented challenges in the pandemic. It’s key to stay informed and keep communications channels open, says Timber Trade Federation MD Dave Hopkins

March 2020


Sticking together
31 March 2020 Last week was a whirlwind for all companies operating in the building supplies chain, with adjustments due to the government’s announcement of restrictions on certain business operations to slow the spread of coronavirus, writes TTJ editor Stephen Powney.

United front urged to ensure safety regulations make sense
27 March 2020 The industry must press government to ensure new rules on use of combustible materials in construction are proportionate and risk-based says Timber Decking and Cladding Association director of operations Janet Sycamore

Ban must not impact UK’s Timber construction leadership
27 March 2020 In making the building sector more risk averse on use of wood, new regulation on use of combustible materials in and on external walls risks turning the industry off environmentally beneficial engineered timber-based construction, says Anthony Thistleton of architects Waugh Thistleton

A new challenge
27 March 2020 Just when we thought we had seen off the continuing uncertainty over Brexit and potential stalemate in UK politics, an unexpected challenge has raised its head. The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is starting to have an impact on the international trade of wood products.

February 2020


Sourcing central to grading standards
25 February 2020 Source of timber origin is a key consideration in grading and machine and visual grading standards are being revised to take this more precisely into account. Dan Ridley-Ellis head of the Centre for Wood Science and Technology at Edinburgh Napier University reports

Seeing the wood from the trees
25 February 2020 With the increasing focus on construction products and building regulations it will be those manufacturers who provide strong performance and certification information who will benefit says Lee Jones, head of manufacturer services, NBS

Climate change debate intensifies
25 February 2020 Climate change is ratcheting up the agenda and we’re hearing more talk about it from ordinary traders now.

January 2020


New Year predictions
29 January 2020 A new decade is here. Can you believe it is 20 years since the Millennium?

Catching the green deal wave
28 January 2020 European woodworking industries must work together to support and capitalise on development of a new low environmental impact economic model, says Patrizio Antonicoli, secretary-general of the European Woodworking Industries Confederation – CEI Bois

Clock is ticking for tropical forest sustainability
28 January 2020 The Fair&Precious campaign commits business to support sustainable tropical timber sourcing and communicates the multiple benefits of sustainable forest management, says Benoît Jobbé-Duval, managing director of the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT)

December 2019


General Election: forget Brexit, get Britain building!
19 December 2019 TTF managing director David Hopkins says politicians should unite around the need to solve the housing crisis