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Consider timber to tackle carbon emissions
25 August, 2022
Tabitha Binding explains why we need to be embracing natural carbon capture mechanisms to help tackle climate change
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Magnificent seven 25 August, 2022 An independent scientific study carried out by WPA and BRE confirms treated wood performance
An inspiring vision 25 August, 2022 The American hardwood sector demonstrates how sustainable use of this type of forest helps to conserve biodiversity, forest carbon stocks and other environmental values, while also providing a reliable supplementary source of income for non-industrial forest owners. Timber market analyst and environmental specialist, Rupert Oliver, reports
Sharing a common vision 25 August, 2022 James Latham’s managing director, Andrew Wright, talks to TTJ about his tenure thus far and how the company has survived and thrived during the last few years
Optimum short log handling 25 August, 2022 Kallfass recently supplied a tailored short log handling solution for one of Juodeliai Group’s sawmills in Lithuania. Günther Jauk of Holzkurier reports
Racking it up to experience 25 August, 2022 For more than 55 years family-run firm Stakapal has produced storage racking for warehousing and manufacturing industries across the UK. Nick Betteley, technical director at Stakapal explains how correct storage can benefit your operation
Space savers 25 August, 2022 Filstorage has helped fast growing merchant PGR to optimise its space
Speeding up logistics 25 August, 2022 Abies Polska now stores KVH and BSH timber in OHRA cantilever racks instead of on the floor
Lifting the load 25 August, 2022 A Combi-SC straddle carrier has enabled leaner operation for Rubner Group
The buzz of electric 25 August, 2022 Baumann has offered electric sideloaders for many years but says they now make up the majority of its sales
Electing for electric 25 August, 2022 Richard Root, Big Trucks director at Hyster, asks if it’s time to rethink lift truck power in timber applications
Intelligence service 24 August, 2022 Timbeter, an AI-based digital solution, is helping the forestry industry to become more sustainable, transparent and efficient. Sergejs Tarasena, sales and support agent, reports
Going digital 24 August, 2022 Independent timber and builders’ merchant Terry Howell has gone digital with K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems