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Onwards and upwards 20 September, 2016 The British-grown timber sector is determined to make the best of the decision to leave the EU. Sally Spencer reports > read more

Flying the flag 20 September, 2016 Demand for British-grown hardwoods is strong. Sally Spencer reports

Forest forward 20 September, 2016 Forest Garden’s British-grown pedigree should be a post-Brexit benefit, but it’s not relying on that alone for success. Sally Spencer reports

Upturn in oak optimism 20 July, 2016 A range of factors are adding impetus to French oak production. Mike Jeffree reports

First ripples of renaissance 20 July, 2016 France’s construction recovery and export growth are among positive indicators for a French wood sector that’s been waiting some time for an upturn, reports Thibaud Le Moign of promotional organisation French Timber

Species for all seasons 20 July, 2016 A surge in Douglas fir is on its way in France, and it needs new markets, with the UK seen as a hot prospect. Mike Jeffree reports

On tour in Ireland 21 June, 2016 Glennon Brothers recently hosted a tour of Irish forest product operations for the six finalists of the 2015 TTJ Career Development Award, which the company sponsored last year. Sally Spencer reports

Hot Prospects 21 June, 2016 Kiln manufacturers are optimising the drying process to improve product quality and reduce their customers’ costs. Keren Fallwell reports

Sales talk 21 December, 2015 Forest Garden is one of the big names in the UK timber garden products and fencing markets. Keren Fallwell speaks to one of the company’s key figures John Gomersall.

Post recovery softwood sets sights high 21 December, 2015 The softwood industry is still shaking off recession in some areas, but sees major market possibilities ahead. Those were central conclusions from a dynamic International Softwood Conference. Mike Jeffree reports from Amsterdam

German powerhouse 21 December, 2015 Germany remains the largest sawn timber producer in Europe. Lars Schmidt, CEO of the German Association of the Sawmill Industry (DeSH), explains current industry market dynamics

Pallet industry converges on Cork 20 November, 2015 The international timber pallet and packaging industry converged on Cork, Ireland, for the 66th FEFPEB Congress on October 28-30. Stephen Powney was there to bring this report

Future Proofing 20 October, 2015 BSW Timber’s strategic move to acquire Tilhill Forestry is about vertical integration and security of material supply, the company’s CEO Tony Hackney tells Stephen Powney

Balancing Act 21 September, 2015 Norvik Timber Industries CEO Sampsa Auvinen was recently appointed president of the European Organisation of the Sawmilling Industry (EOS). Here Mr Auvinen charts recent market developments in the sector and looks at prospects ahead

Engineered for Growth 20 July, 2015 French softwood specialist PiveteauBois anticipates rising demand for timber and engineered
wood products in construction, and it’s taking steps to meet it. Mike Jeffree reports

A Breath of French Air 20 July, 2015 Le Carrefour International du Bois is arguably Europe’s leading timber trade fair. TTJ’s Mike Jeffree asked Carrefour tradeshow director Cécile Touret and international business executive Sam Padden how this has been achieved, about plans for the next event in June 2016 and why UK and Irish timber businesses should be there

Allez France 20 July, 2015 The French sawmill industry is going through important changes due to the economic situation in Europe, the weakening of the Euro and world demand for wood, writes Jean-Francois Guilbert, managing director of France’s timber promotional organisation French Timber

Sky’s the Limit 20 July, 2015 BSkyB’s new educational building is a great advert for engineered timber construction on a grand scale reports Stephen Powney.

Woodfab Opts for Brodbaek 20 June, 2015 Woodfab Timber’s new main sawline uses machinery mainly from Brodbaek, Sally Spencer reports.

Buying Power 20 June, 2015 Tens of millions of pounds are being invested in UK and Irish sawmills, reflecting confidence in the sector. Sally Spencer reports.

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