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Onwards and upwards 20 September, 2016 The British-grown timber sector is determined to make the best of the decision to leave the EU. Sally Spencer reports > read more

Flying the flag 20 September, 2016 Demand for British-grown hardwoods is strong. Sally Spencer reports

Expo extras 20 September, 2016 Timber Expo 2016 has a host of added attractions, from linked UK Construction Week events, to awards, seminars and a beer festival

Forest forward 20 September, 2016 Forest Garden’s British-grown pedigree should be a post-Brexit benefit, but it’s not relying on that alone for success. Sally Spencer reports

Timber’s seat at the table 19 August, 2016 It goes without saying that timber plays an integral role in the furniture sector and for some manufacturers the love affair runs deep. Sally Spencer reports

Butterfly takes off 19 August, 2016 A Sunderland roof truss producer is moving into timber frame thanks to newly installed technology

Upturn in oak optimism 20 July, 2016 A range of factors are adding impetus to French oak production. Mike Jeffree reports

The show grows on 20 July, 2016 Carrefour means cross roads. And that has what the Carrefour International du Bois has become; a crossroads for the global timber sector, suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and specifi ers alike. Mike Jeffree reports

First ripples of renaissance 20 July, 2016 France’s construction recovery and export growth are among positive indicators for a French wood sector that’s been waiting some time for an upturn, reports Thibaud Le Moign of promotional organisation French Timber

Species for all seasons 20 July, 2016 A surge in Douglas fir is on its way in France, and it needs new markets, with the UK seen as a hot prospect. Mike Jeffree reports

On tour in Ireland 21 June, 2016 Glennon Brothers recently hosted a tour of Irish forest product operations for the six finalists of the 2015 TTJ Career Development Award, which the company sponsored last year. Sally Spencer reports

Hot Prospects 21 June, 2016 Kiln manufacturers are optimising the drying process to improve product quality and reduce their customers’ costs. Keren Fallwell reports

Positive trends after tougher year 20 May, 2016 There are early signs that 2016 will be a stronger year for US hardwood exports to the UK and the rest of Europe. Rupert Oliver of Forest Industries Intelligence reports

Pressure on creosote 20 May, 2016 Creosote has long been a high performance method of preserving timber, but ever-tightening
regulation on its use is causing some to look at alternatives, reports Stephen Powney

US visions of European opportunity 20 May, 2016 The American Hardwood Export Council has the time, vision and tenacity to find and develop exciting new futures for US hardwoods in Europe, writes European director David Venables

Southern yellow grows globally 20 May, 2016 Markets worldwide continue to demand strong, high-quality lumber, and US southern pine is suited to a wide variety of applications, writes Charles Trevor, consultant for American Softwoods and Richard Wallace, vice president communications at the Southern Forest Products Association. And back home, the softwood industry is also developing its sales, marketing and technical story

Carrefour – a creative global trade hub 20 May, 2016 France’s premier timber trade exhibition is now also a window on the international wood sector. Mike Jeffree reports

A new direction 20 April, 2016 Sustainable building show Ecobuild once again opened its doors to construction professionals and although it was a smaller show this time, it did feel busier, reports Stephen Powney

Patients, pine and Piveteau’s new frontiers 20 April, 2016 From selling pharmaceutical patent search systems, to developing UK and Irish markets for one of France’s leading softwood producers, Elisabeth Piveteau has had contrasting, but, she says, complementary careers. Mike Jeffree reports

Expansion Trail 21 March, 2016 Estonian timber garden building manufacturer Palmako is expanding its offering to the UK.

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