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February 2023


2023 - Plotting a course through choppy waters
15 February 2023 A relative degree of calm may have returned to UK politics. The economic picture is less than pretty, however, with forecasts for 1.3% shrinkage in GDP over the year. Consequently representatives of timber and related businesses and industry associations asked for their outlook by TTJ see challenges for the sector and its markets through 2023. But, at the same time, they identify opportunities and highlight their plans and projects for making the most of them. Mike Jeffree reports

Softwood trade adopts ultra-cautious approach
15 February 2023 The economic backdrop is troubling traders but they are finding their way through and some agents and shippers are reporting more interest for February and March shipments. Jerry Wilson reports

Essential forestry skills for the future
13 February 2023 Louise Simpson, executive director of the Institute for Chartered Foresters (ICF), on the first ever degree level forestry apprenticeship scheme

Imports continue to tumble
13 February 2023 Latest TDUK stats reveal the impact of good stock levels and weaker market demand on import volumes

Downward trend continues
13 February 2023 The latest stats from the BMBI reveal that timber and joinery value sales fell in October

January 2023


Reliable racking
09 January 2023 Founded almost 60 years ago, Thorogood Timber has always believed that everything it does should be focused on quality – and that includes its Stakapal racking

December 2022


House maker opts for OHRA
22 December 2022 Prefabricated timber house manufacturer Ubrankovics turned to OHRA for its storage solutions

Fire protection hots up
22 December 2022 Fire retardant wood-based panels are a subject of keen market interest. One FR technology specialist – Zeroignition – recently showed its capabilities to international global producers in Germany. Stephen Powney talked to Martin Dickie of Zeroignition

AHEC unveils certification project
22 December 2022 With certified sustainability and legality increasingly a default requirement in the global timber trade, a new approach to certification is evolving in the US. Mike Jeffree reports

The scientific approach
22 December 2022 Mike Gorman, sales director of East Yorkshire racking specialist Filstorage, looks at the scientific approach to timber yard design and how this can benefit merchants

FLEGT stakeholders urge continued monitoring
22 December 2022 As it reports on its website, www.flegtimm.eu, the EU FLEGT Independent Market Monitor (IMM) has held consultations with industry stakeholders to gauge their views on the value and future of its role tracking timber trade flows from FLEGT VPA partner countries and canvassing market opinion of FLEGT and FLEGT licensing

From tropical surge to slowdown?
22 December 2022 After a strong start to 2022, deteriorating market conditions threaten to slow the UK tropical timber trade. That’s according to latest reports from Rupert Oliver of Forest Industries Intelligence (www.forestindustries.info) for the International Tropical Timber Organisation’s market information service (www.itto.int), of which the following is a summary

Driving tropical diversity
22 December 2022 Using more lesser known tropical species makes increasing sense from multiple perspectives, says Ecochoice. Mike Jeffree reports

Symposium charts changing markets
22 December 2022 Panels manufacturers from across the world gathered in Hamburg for the 12th European Wood-based Panels Symposium, hearing the latest economic forecasts and technical updates for the industry. Stephen Powney was there to bring this report

Your waste could be treasure to schools
22 December 2022 Gervais Sawyer says schools are crying out for wood materials

Agent of change
22 December 2022 Del credere agent NHG Timber operates globally, with its range including temperate hardwoods and clear softwoods. But it is perhaps particularly known for tropical timber. TTJ asked director Stuart McBride about developments and the role of an agent in this part of its business

Recovering from standards set back
22 December 2022 Closing out 2022, Shaun Revill, trading director at SR Timber reflects on the year and what we can expect heading into 2023

Fine tuning forklifts
21 December 2022 Robert O’Donoghue, vice-president marketing and solutions for Hyster Europe, explains why considering the operator and the environment are of particular importance when selecting materials handling equipment

Two’s company
21 December 2022 This summer saw the launch of two new wood protection products. Sally Spencer reports

Tackling toxicity continues
21 December 2022 Ian King, chief operating officer at Zeroignition, explains how innovation has led to a generation of low-toxicity fire retardants and why this should lead to an uptick in the use timber for construction