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August 2022


IMHX back live!
02 August 2022 The UK’s premier logistics solutions and intralogistics technology event of the year – IMHX 2022 – will open for business at the NEC, Birmingham, on September 6.

July 2022


Timber and joinery sales up in May
26 July 2022 Latest BMBI figures show timber and joinery enjoyed an increase in value sales in May as inflation drove growth

June 2022


Superheroes at work
10 June 2022 Marlene Cramer from the Centre for Wood Science and Technology highlights the InFutUReWood project, which looks at the reuse of structural timber

ATIBT ever more active at 70
10 June 2022 The environmental, economic and social development of the tropical forest industry is more important than ever, says ATIBT. Mike Jeffree reports

Not out of the woods
10 June 2022 Confor recently warned that the UK faces declining supplies of home-grown wood due to lack of productive tree planting. With the country currently needing to import over 80% of its wood requirement, the UK could be sleepwalking into a timber shortage crisis in the not too distant future. Stuart Goodall, Confor chief executive, examines the threats to supply and why the UK must urgently move productive tree planting up the agenda

From carbon to circularity
10 June 2022 Wood for Good was ahead of the game when it came to promoting the low-carbon benefits of timber. Mike Jeffree reports

Strategy for growth
10 June 2022 The Archwood Group has initiated a new three-year strategy for growth for its leading Richard Burbidge, Atkinson & Kirby and Masons Timber brands. Stephen Powney reports from the Group’s base in North Wales

Ceiling fans
10 June 2022 Zeroignition showcases the future of fire protection in an historic Dublin building

Safe, sound and award-winning
10 June 2022 Cederhusen, a development featuring shingles impregnated with Woodsafe Timber Protection’s fire retardant technology, has been recognised with a public sector construction of the year award

Specifying fit for purpose FR timber
10 June 2022 Like many construction materials, fire retardant timber is complex to understand, and yet it plays a vital role in building safety. WJ Group managing director Mark Egglestone shares some advice

From conception to commercialization
10 June 2022 Arxada’s Andy Hodge explains the journey undertaken by new wood preservatives before they are brought to market

Leading the QA move
10 June 2022 Gordon Ewbank, director of the Wood Protection Association, outlines the drive to quality assurance of treated wood

Making the most of wood
10 June 2022 Wood Protection Association director Gordon Ewbank explains why making the most of wood means making the most of wood protection

Joinery’s green imperative
10 June 2022 Rob Black, director of environmental, social and governance (ESG) at Howdens, explains why sustainability of timber products in manufacturing has never been so important

Return of the salesperson + app
10 June 2022 As the roaring demand for timber windows and doors witnessed in 2021 cools, installers will need to get back to wowing customers to win orders and Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint app will help them do just that, maintains CEO Chris Brunsdon

Focus on fire safety and skills
10 June 2022 Key priorities for the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) are driving forward its training agenda and helping the industry adapt to tougher rules on building fire safety, writes CEO Helen Hewitt

Navigating crisis and change in joinery
10 June 2022 TTJ’s Mike Jeffree quizzed Andrew Madge, managing director of Gowercroft Joinery and Jay Pengelly, CEO of the Performance Timber Products Group (PTPG) on joinery market challenges and opportunities

Canada plots forest course to decarbonize
10 June 2022 As one of the few sectors that can go beyond net-zero carbon emissions, Canada’s forests have a critical role to play in the collective fight against climate change. But how they are managed is critical, writes Derek Nighbor, president and CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC).

Challenges follow strong growth
10 June 2022 After a buoyant 2021, US softwood exports continued to grow into 2022, but growing global economic and geopolitical uncertainty point to challenges ahead, reports American Softwoods consultant Charles Trevor

Making a stand on red oak
10 June 2022 A leading furniture manufacturer decided to drop European oak for its new designs due to price and supply issues. Mike Jeffree reports