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Little movement as European demand stays slow 11 January, 2003 Trade is slow in all regions, with prices just about holding their own, and the picture is expected to be the same for the next month or so

Quiet on the western front 26 October, 2002 West African log prices have remained steady, despite tight supply

Far East logging controls should raise West African prices 05 August, 2002 West African log prices have been holding firm but are expected to rise as the impact of the Indonesia log and wood chip export ban is felt

Prices expected to hold firm 20 April, 2002 West African prices have been steady as producer countries have held down exports and the situation is expected to remain firm over the coming summer months

Prices steady as difficulties persist 05 January, 2002 West African producers have held prices steady but reduced demand in Europe is not helping market conditions

Domestic demand helps exporters 27 October, 2001 West African species are finding reluctant markets in Europe and the Far East but demand in local markets is helping to keep prices up

West African prices hold steady 21 April, 2001 Producers and shippers in West Africa have managed to sustain prices, despite pressure from several quarters

Out of Africa 06 January, 2001 There have been very positive developments in West Africa's timber industry resulting in a stronger and more stable trade environment

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