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Privatisation issue stalls adoption of Forestry Code 10 July, 2004 The government is making some welcome changes to export duties but the new Forestry Code is still causing some disquiet

Russian growth depends on a spending spur 20 March, 2004 Early figures point to an improvement in the fortunes of the Russian timber sector, but capital spending levels are still poor

Forest Code may not answer industry problems 29 November, 2003 The Russian timber industry continues to suffer from lack of investment – and there are doubts that the new Forest Code will be the panacea that the government hopes

Russia identifies growth in certification and processing 26 July, 2003 Russia is trying to develop certification and value-added products for its export markets

Russians need to invest in future 03 May, 2003 The Russian timber industry is still in need of more investment and is currently hit by a fall in harvest

Russian output could quadruple 08 February, 2003 Russia's programme for development to 2015 aims to attract investment and modernise production

Government investigates industry reform 09 November, 2002 The Russian government plans to overhaul the timber industry as production growth lags behind that of other industries

Russian industry review hopes to ward off crisis 05 August, 2002 Inefficiencies in Russia's timber products industry are being addressed in a 13-year development programme

Russian production declines 07 May, 2002 In 2001 production rose by 2.6% but any sustained growth in the Russian timber industry depends on attracting foreign investment

Russia grows but still needs better technology 26 January, 2002 Russia's forest products industry grew by 2% last year but an urgent need for new wood processing machinery could compromise future growth

Exports fail to reach potential 10 November, 2001 The Russian government believes that forest certification and foreign investment are needed for the industry to fulfill its export potential

Industry profits rise by a third 19 May, 2001 Russia's timber industry enjoyed a 30% rise in profits last year but a new government report suggests that export earnings are not reaching their full potential

Timber joins list of lucrative industries 03 February, 2001 Russia's vertically integrated companies make a substantial contribution to the success of the Russian timber trade but, in general, the industry suffers from a lack of investment

Production grows 25 November, 2000 Timber output has increased significantly this year and foreign investment is on the up

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