Tall storeys from wood builders

16 July 2014

Timber construction in Finland is setting its sights ever higher, according to Finnish timber marketing body Puuinfo.

While overall wood building dipped in 2013 thanks to a continuing property market downturn, multi-storey apartment building grew 4.5%, with 750 construction permits issued.

Europe's biggest apartment block, the 186 apartment block in Vantaa, with timber and prefabricated components from Koskisen, VVR Wood and Pölkky, is due for completion next year, while Finland's tallest timber development, the three-block eight-storey Puukuokka building will be finished this autumn, using Stora Enso's urban multi-storey CLT system.

Meanwhile, in Helsinki work is set to start on Wood City, a complete urban quarter in timber from Stora Enso Building and Living.

And Puuinfo is building foundations for further upwardly mobile wood building, running a timber construction training roadshow for technical colleges this spring, and hosting a major seminar event, focusing especially on wood high rise, in Pori in July..

The three-block, eight-storey Puukuokka building will be Finland's tallest residential timber development. Using Stora Enso's CLT urban system, it will be finished this autumn.