Bergs Timber takes 25% stake in paper stud manufacturer

18 November 2021

Swedish-based forest products manufacturer Bergs Timber has taken a 25% share in a company developing paper studs for interior walls and furniture frames.

Bergs made the decision to become a partner in the Värmland-based innovation company Wood Tube, which sees an initial ownership share of 25% and investment of SEK 8.5m.

The investment, together with regional support, creates the conditions for constructing a first industrial production facility. 

“We believe that the product has good properties and will be well received in market,” Bergs said.

The studs are made of paper raw material and become an alternative to studs made of steel or wood. They can be produced in varying dimensions for different applications.

Bergs said the product makes it possible to build more climate-smart, reduces construction costs and improves the carpenters’ working environment. 

Wood tube has had a period of product development, certification and securing patent protection and the company is now ready for a more commercial phase.

“We see great potential for Wood Tube where both studs, but also other applications may play an important role in the construction of the future,” said Peter Nilsson, CEO of Bergs Timber AB.

“As a long-term owner, we will, together with Wood Tube, develop this into a successful company.”


The paper stud product produced by Wood Tube