Electric timber truck being developed in Sweden

17 November 2021

SCA and Scania are together developing what they call the first electric timber truck with a technical capability of up to 80 tonnes total weight.

The electric truck will transport timber in the Swedish region of Västerbotten, between SCA’s terminal in Gimonäs and its papermill in Obbola outside Umeå, starting in 2022. 

For SCA, one of Europe’s largest private forest owners and maker of sawn wood products, packaging materials and pulp, electrifying road transport is an important part of work to reduce its environmental impact. 

Every year, SCA transports about 8.5 million cubic metres of wood to industries, utilising 265 timber trucks in collaboration with 87 haulage contractors.

“The cooperation with Scania is an important way for us to jointly find innovative solutions for sustainable transport,” said Hans Djurberg, Head of Sustainability, SCA.

“By running just one electric truck between Gimonäs and Obbola, we can reduce our carbon emissions by about 55,000 kg per year.”

SCA says it was also important to build charging infrastructure for heavy vehicles, but admitted this responsibility ultimately fell on the government.