10 August 2022

To meet increasing demands, MEDITE SMARTPLY has announced a new addition to complement its existing MEDITE MDF range – MEDITE OPTIMA – a higher density moisture resistant MDF panel with superior finishing properties.

The company says that MEDITE OPTIMA is perfect for applications where users need added density, unrivalled machinability and higher surface quality than is found in standard moisture resistant panels.

The panel is suitable for kitchen and bathroom furniture, architectural mouldings, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery where a higher quality moisture resistant board is required.

MEDITE OPTIMA is suitable for interior humid conditions and is manufactured in accordance with EN 622-5.

“We’re delighted to introduce MEDITE OPTIMA to the market, which broadens the range of MEDITE’s high performance moisture resistant products,” said Chris King, managing director – commercial at MEDITE SMARTPLY. “This innovative panel can be used for virtually any interior application that requires increased moisture resistance.

“As a company, we’re dedicated to bringing innovative products and solutions to a constantly evolving industry – solutions that not only meet the demands of the market, but also contribute to a healthier environment and help combat the climate crisis.”