Obituary – Ralph Stanton

15 June 2022

Ralph Stanton passed away at the end of April at the age of 97.

Mr Stanton, who was active in the timber industry – and in particular in the plywood sector – began his career in 1947.

He worked for Thames Plywood in Barking for more than 30 years, including a stint in Brazil. Thames had started in the UK as a result of the founders fleeing Germany where the Nazis took over the founding company. Mr Stanton was involved in re-establishing the company in Germany post war.

He then joined Silverman & Son in 1979 where he was sales director for 15 years until his retirement.

Mr Stanton was involved in bringing many timber products to the UK – bi-fold doors at the Barbican and plastic layered ply for the ice rinks at Broadgate Centre to name two.