P&A Group spearheads Ukraine support initiative

4 October 2022

P&A Group has spearheaded an initiative to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. The company has co-ordinated partners and many local businesses to fill an articulated lorry with much-needed provisions such as non-perishable food, water, medical and first aid equipment.

“One of our employees, Andrzej Dudziak, our Zest Polish sourcing co-ordinator, who is based near Gdansk, has been helping out at the Polish/Ukraine border a couple of nights a week and has been in contact with Caritas, the biggest charity in Poland which is also assisting at the border,” said Rhys Hughes, P&A Group director. “Andrzej advised that, despite the huge amount of support already donated, aid is still required.

“One of the core principles of the P&A Group is that we want to positively contribute to the communities in which we operate. We receive timber garden products from Poland weekly into our Saltney warehouse for redistribution to garden centres across the UK, so this seemed a prime opportunity for us to demonstrate our support for the people on the ground at the Polish border and in Ukraine by providing transport and coordinating this humanitarian aid mission.”

An initial email appeal was sent by the P&A Group to local businesses, supply chain and customers of the P&A Pallet division requesting a list of items ranging from medical dressings to thermal blankets to batteries and power banks to sleeping bags to non-perishable foods, nappies and sanitary products. Donations poured in and the P&A Group would like to thank the following companies for their support: Accrol (John Dale Site in Flint); BIC Innovation; Convatec; Flintshire County Council; Gap Recruitment; Harlech Foodservice Ltd; Heatons

H&C Howatson Ltd; Samco; SKAT Transportation; Turnaround Solutions; Workplace Worksafe Ltd.

“It’s fantastic to see so many local businesses, partners and friends of P&A come together to support the Ukraine Aid effort,” continued Mr Hughes.

“I’d like to say a big thank to our supply chain team of Andrzej, Piotr, Beth and Mark at P&A Group for co-ordinating the donations, warehousing and arranging logistics.”

Andrzej Dudziak was at the border to receive the aid along with his son.

“It was a long but definitely satisfying day unloading the wagon at the Caritas Warehouse,” he said. “All were impressed and grateful for the goods, which are now being sorted as trucks are already organised to distribute across Ukraine. Thank you to everyone who has helped – Amazing job guys!”

P&A Group and partner’s articulated lorry filled with aid being unloaded at Caritas warehouse on the Poland/Ukraine border
Piotr, Beth and Mark from P&A Group’s supply chain division with the articulated lorry filled with donations of humanitarian aid from partners and local businesses, heading for the Poland/Ukraine border.